A significant decrease in the price of potatoes is expected in Ukraine

Analysts from the FreshPlaza platform expect a decrease in the price of potatoes in the near future.

14.09.2023 13:55
The price of flour has increased significantly

Since the beginning of autumn in our country, the price of wheat flour has increased significantly. The cost is increasing in almost all regions of our country, experts from the APK-Inform platform report.

12.09.2023 13:54
The price of pork in Ukraine has increased significantly

The month of September in our country began with a sharp increase in the price of live pigs that are ready for slaughter. Currently, the average cost of 1 kilogram of live products is 83.3 hryvnias, which is almost 5% more than a week ago, according to experts from the "Svynary of Ukraine" platform.

11.09.2023 14:06
The amount of beef sent abroad increased by almost 60%

In six months, the number of cattle slaughtered increased by approximately 7.95% and now this indicator is 106 thousand tons, according to data from the Association of Milk Producers.

07.09.2023 14:03
The price of potatoes in Ukraine has fallen significantly

Since the beginning of this week, the price of potatoes in Ukraine has fallen significantly, as experts from the EastFruit platform report, the main factor behind this decrease is the fact that the harvest season has begun in all key regions and, accordingly, the amount of supply on the market has increased.

04.09.2023 13:46
The price of blueberries in Ukraine has risen sharply

This week in our country, the cost of this berry from the farms of local farmers and producers has increased significantly, experts from the EastFruit platform report.

31.08.2023 14:01
It became known 3 regions in Ukraine where the largest grain harvest was collected

To date, farmers and producers from all over the country have collected more than 28 million tons of grain. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the largest amount of grain was threshed in the Odesa region.

28.08.2023 13:58
Demand for raw milk has increased in Ukraine

In the last month of summer, the market for dairy raw materials began to become more active, so even in the first days of August, the cost of purchasing raw milk gradually began to increase. Experts from the INFAGRO platform predict that by the end of this month the price will begin to rise more massively.

22.08.2023 13:56