Prices for sausage and cheese in Ukraine: update for May 20, 2024

Ukrainians have experienced rising food prices in recent months, and sausage and cheese are no exception. Although prices for some species have decreased slightly since the beginning of the year, overall they are still higher than they were a year ago.

20.05.2024 13:49
Cherry season in Ukraine: record harvest and affordable prices!

The cherry season has begun in Ukraine, which this year is expected to be not only early, but also record generous. According to experts, thanks to favorable weather conditions, the cherry harvest in Ukraine in 2024 may reach 250 thousand tons, which is 30% more than in the past year

16.05.2024 15:06
Cereal prices in Ukraine: update for May 15, 2024

Cereal prices in Ukraine have shown steady growth in recent months.

15.05.2024 13:54
Dairy products in Ukraine: price dynamics today

Prices for dairy products in Ukraine have shown steady growth in recent months.

14.05.2024 13:49
Export of Ukrainian dairy products: dynamics in recent months

According to the data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the export of Ukrainian dairy products over the past few months has shown ambiguous dynamics.

09.05.2024 13:47
A record harvest of vegetables was collected in Ukraine: State Statistics Service data

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, as of May 7, 2024, Ukrainian farmers have already harvested 8.3 million tons of vegetables. This is 10% more than in the same period last year.

07.05.2024 13:46
Cucumber prices in Ukraine: sharp decline after the start of the season

With the beginning of the season of mass harvesting of cucumbers in Ukraine, prices for this popular vegetable crop began to drop rapidly. According to analysts, the drop in prices reaches 20% compared to the end of last week.

06.05.2024 13:43
Banana prices in Ukraine: a seasonal decrease is expected

After a sharp rise during the winter and spring, banana prices in Ukraine are beginning to show a downward trend. According to experts' forecasts, this is a seasonal phenomenon associated with an increase in supply on the world market.

02.05.2024 13:48