Cherry picking began in Ukraine

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions this spring, the season for selling cherries has begun in our country. As experts from the EasyFruit platform report, Ukrainian farmers have already started selling their cherries from the early harvest, even without delays.

01.06.2023 13:55
It became known why the price of eggs did not decrease

Experts noted that the price of eggs will decrease from the beginning of March, but due to the holidays, in particular Easter, and the sending of products abroad, the prices did not decrease, Ukrainian farmers report.

30.05.2023 14:01
Carrots in Ukraine have increased in price again

Experts note that the value of quality carrots, which were harvested from the 2022 harvest, is increasing again, the EasyFruit platform reports.

29.05.2023 13:52
The sale of strawberries from open ground has started in Ukraine

Since the beginning of this week, farmers from the western regions of our country have started selling berries grown in open ground. In fact, the sale of berries began at the beginning of May, but it was exclusively strawberries from greenhouses, the cost of which reached 190 hryvnias per kilogram, experts from the EastFruit platform note.

25.05.2023 13:59
Stores in Ukraine began to reduce the price of products

Ukrainian chain stores this month began to slightly reduce prices on popular products, such as eggs, cereals and sugar. Thanks to the monitoring of experts from the platform, it became known where you can find products with the currently lowest price.

23.05.2023 13:54
An increase in the prices of bread products is predicted

In our country, the price of the main product on the tables of Ukrainians will increase slightly in the near future. Specialists from the scientific center "Institute of Agrarian Economics" note a 4% increase in the cost of bread since the beginning of the year.

22.05.2023 13:57
The price of young cabbage in Ukraine is gradually decreasing

Ukrainian farmers and distributors say that the gradual decrease in the price of young cabbage is a natural and common phenomenon, since almost all regions of our country have joined the sale of this product, while at the same time constant deliveries from Zakarpattia region continue, experts from the project report. EasyFruit".

18.05.2023 13:52
Since the beginning of this year, Ukraine has sent almost 1.5 million tons of grain abroad.

According to the data of the State Customs Service, at the moment since the beginning of the season, our country has sent more than 43 million tons of grain abroad, including 1.5 million tons this month, according to the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine

16.05.2023 15:32