Drought in Hungary forces to buy corn in Ukraine

Hungarian farmers' association MOSZ said that in the last 12 months, Hungary's corn imports amounted to 1 million tons, which is a quarter of its annual needs. Due to a severe drought, the own harvest was greatly reduced and forced to resort to the purchase of corn in Ukraine.

06.10.2022 12:15
Rape prices have changed in Ukraine

This week, rapeseed prices continue their positive upward trend along with oil prices, despite increased crop forecasts.

06.10.2022 12:09
Turkey has opened a new market for the export of Ukrainian products

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Production and Consumer Service of Ukraine, thanks to their joint work, create new opportunities for domestic manufacturers in foreign markets. So, already in September, Turkey opened a new market for the export of processed animal protein (not intended for human consumption) of Ukrainian production.

04.10.2022 12:15
Ukraine hopes for the continuation and long-term operation of the grain corridor

Ukraine continues consultations with the participants of the grain agreement, namely the UN and Turkey, and hopes that the corridor will continue to work, noted Taras Vysotskyi, Deputy Minister of Food.

04.10.2022 12:10
Egg prices are rising rapidly in Ukraine

In the second half of September, prices for chicken eggs soared, and as Svitlana Lytvyn, an analyst of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, notes, as of September 29, 2022, prices were 17% higher than a year ago.

03.10.2022 11:57
Onion prices are rising rapidly in Ukraine

Onion prices continue to rise in Ukraine. Due to the growing demand from distributors and sales restrictions by manufacturers, prices will continue to rise.

03.10.2022 11:48
The mechanism for providing grants for horticulture and greenhouse farming has been clarified.

On September 27, 2022, changes were made to the procedure for providing grants for the creation and development of horticulture, berry growing and viticulture.

29.09.2022 12:10
In Ukraine, the price of corn has increased

Due to the bad weather in Ukraine, it is now impossible to harvest soybeans, corn and sunflower. Prices are rising due to the work of the "grain corridor" and the corresponding increase in demand for products.

29.09.2022 12:06