In January, Ukraine shipped 5.5 million tons of agricultural products

Reduction of export of agricultural products from Ukraine

06.02.2023 10:47
The TAS Agro company has finished harvesting corn

Despite the disappointing forecasts associated with difficult weather conditions, the destruction of production processes established over the years, the increase in the price of logistics, fertilizers and fuel, the company achieved good results. The average grain yield of the current season was 8.1 t/ha.

02.02.2023 11:46
In Ukraine, experts note a significant decrease in the cost of white cabbage

Due to the fact that the quality of white cabbage in farmers' warehouses is decreasing, this week there is a decrease in prices for this product, as well as a decrease in demand after the new year became a decisive factor in the price drop.

02.02.2023 11:43
Tariffs for the transportation of grain and fuel will decrease, and for the transportation of ore and coal will increase

In 2023, a tariff equalization policy will be implemented, which, although it will not have a significant financial effect, will allow to increase the volume of transportation. Therefore, it is planned to increase tariffs for the transportation of iron ore and coal, and to decrease those for grain and fuel.

31.01.2023 12:19
Meat prices have changed in Ukraine

In the last month of 2022, the cost of 1 kg of pork brisket was UAH 170, but currently the price has risen to UAH 178/kg. The average price of a shoulder blade increased from UAH 157/kg to UAH 166. The positive dynamics of price growth for collards finally stopped and remained at the level of last month, the price per kilogram is UAH 193.

31.01.2023 12:16
Ukraine reduced grain exports by 30.9% to 26 million tons

The actual volume of grain exports by Ukraine since the beginning of the 2022-2023 marketing year (July 2022 - June 2023) as of today is 25,991 million tons, which is 30.9% or 11,601 million tons less than in the same period of the previous marketing year.

30.01.2023 12:29
Forecasts for the export of sunflower oil in 2023

Specialists from the Ukrainian union "Ukroliyaprom" - an active body for the protection and strengthening of market and international relations - predict that this year Ukraine can send about 4.2 million tons of sunflower oil abroad.

30.01.2023 12:25
There is almost no demand for barley in Ukraine

The market is in balance with supply and demand as strong barley harvests in Australia and France put pressure on prices, but they are supported by a reduced crop in Argentina, strong demand for barley in Canada and reduced production in Ukraine due to the war.

26.01.2023 15:21