How the price of vegetables in Ukraine changed in February

Prices for vegetables in Ukraine during February 2024 showed ambiguous dynamics, changing depending on the type of product, region, weather conditions and other factors.

29.02.2024 16:06
Export of Ukrainian meat products

Despite the full-scale war, Ukrainian meat exports showed resilience in 2023. According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine exported 100,000 tons of meat products for a total of $300 million. USA.

27.02.2024 14:14
Export of Ukrainian dairy products

Exports of Ukrainian dairy products during 2023 showed resilience, despite the difficult conditions caused by the full-scale war. According to the State Statistics Service, in 2023 Ukraine exported 200,000 tons of dairy products for a total of $500 million. USA.

23.02.2024 16:10
Food prices in Ukraine: overview for February 20, 2024

Food prices in Ukraine in recent weeks have shown heterogeneous dynamics, with price increases in some categories and stability or slight price increases in others. According to the State Statistics Service, in January 2024, the inflation rate for food and non-alcoholic beverages amounted to 0.5%, which is slightly higher than the general inflation rate (0.3%).

20.02.2024 13:59
It became known which products in Ukraine have risen in price the most

The average price of food products at the beginning of the year in our country increased by almost 4% compared to the same period last year, analysts report.

13.02.2024 13:53
Tomato prices continue to decrease in Ukraine

Recently, the price of tomatoes imported from Turkey has started to decrease rapidly in our country. Experts from the EastFruit platform call the main factor of this decrease a rather small interest on the part of large wholesale companies.

12.02.2024 13:56
In Ukraine, the price of white cabbage has decreased

Ukrainian producers and farmers could not avoid a decrease in the cost of cabbage, experts from the EastFruit platform report.

05.02.2024 13:54
In Ukraine, the price of vegetables rose sharply again

In our country, the price of the most popular vegetables has increased again, for example, 1 kilogram of potatoes can now be purchased for 35 hryvnias, and a kilogram of onions costs 140 hryvnias, analysts from the platform report.

30.01.2024 13:56