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Prices for sausage and cheese in Ukraine: update for May 20, 2024

20.05.2024 13:49

Ukrainians have experienced rising food prices in recent months, and sausage and cheese are no exception. Although prices for some species have decreased slightly since the beginning of the year, overall they are still higher than they were a year ago.

Cooked sausage:

— Average price: 290-360 UAH/kg
— The cheapest: Aushan Doktorska (225 UAH/kg), Krakivska (plant «Stargorod») (250 UAH/kg)
— The most expensive: TM «Meat business» doctor's (410 UAH/kg), Kyiv (TM «Yasens») (395 UAH/kg)

Salami sausage:

-Average price: UAH 350-450/kg
— The cheapest: TM «Nasha Ryaba» classic salami (320 UAH/kg), TM «Batkivskyi Myasny Dvir» salami (340 UAH/kg)
— The most expensive: Italian salami (TM «Rogan») (520 UAH/kg), TM «Sausage House Kuzmych» salami (490 UAH/kg)


— Average price: 400-500 UAH/kg
— The cheapest: Como traditional 50% (427 UAH/kg), Zveny Hora Dutch 45% (492 UAH/kg)
— The most expensive: Gouda (TM «Starokonstantinivskyi dairy plant») (640 UAH/kg), Maasdam (TM «Cheese Club») (580 UAH/kg)

Cheese and sausage prices may vary by region, store, and manufacturer. Here are some factors that affect prices:

-Cost of meat and milk: The main ingredients of sausage and cheese are meat and milk, so their prices significantly affect the final cost of the products.
-Manufacturing and transportation costs: Manufacturing costs such as energy and packaging also affect the price. Transporting products to stores can also add to the overall cost.
-Supply and demand: If the demand for a particular type of sausage or cheese is high and the supply is low, the price of it will likely increase.