About the project

Ensuring the food security of the Government during the war requires close cooperation and coordination of all parties involved: Government, business, international organizations, and other participants. 

For this purpose, the National Food Safety Platform has been established in Ukraine on the basis of the State Food and Consumer Service to provide food and basic necessities to community residents.

Part of the Platform is an open resource, ProdUkraine.org — for the cooperation of trade networks and suppliers in different regions of Ukraine.

Here, manufacturers and suppliers can place an offer of their products or respond to existing ones and agree on a contract. Offers can be placed on any consumer goods. First of all, the products of the social group and the industrial necessities are important now. These include food (eggs, dairy, meat, fish), beverages, baby&child care, and household goods.

More than 1,000 stores and dozens of food manufacturers have already joined the platform. Every day, the functionality of the platform grows and new opportunities for participants appear.

How to place your request on ProdUkraine?

If you are a retailer or supplier, you need to register your company's page on the online platform. You must provide a title, appropriate category, description, contact information, and a link to the site (if you have one).

After registration, you will be able to place orders or inquiries about goods. Indicate the amount of required / available products, their expected cost (also you can give us your price list, the support team will help), and location. Then you will be able to receive information quickly about their needs throughout Ukraine. Add information by region and product category.

What products can I request or offer?

All goods except alcohol. First of all, the products of the social group and the industrial necessities are important. These include food (including eggs, dairy, meat, fish), beverages, baby products, and household items.

ProdUkraine.org provides consolidated information regarding the needs of each region. You can place an offer of your products or respond to the existing one and agree on concluding a contract with the seller.

The initiators of the platform are interested in registering as many local manufacturers and suppliers and retailers as possible on the site. After all, we are all united in the mission to feed the country together. Glory to Ukraine!