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Tomato prices continue to decrease in Ukraine

12.02.2024 13:56

Recently, the price of tomatoes imported from Turkey has started to decrease rapidly in our country. Experts from the EastFruit platform call the main factor of this decrease a rather small interest on the part of large wholesale companies.

Currently, companies selling tomatoes from Turkey offer prices of 62-80 hryvnias for 1 kilogram of produce, which in turn is almost 20% less than last week. Also, analysts note that there is a large amount of products from Turkey on the market, but the interest of buyers is quite restrained. Due to this, a fairly large number of tomatoes have accumulated, which are now being sold at a fairly low price.

But during the past week, the number of imported tomatoes, on the contrary, only increased. Due to the low pace of implementation, many chains have already reduced the number of future orders.

It should also be noted that today, the price of tomatoes is already 10% lower than it was for the same period in 2023. Experts note that if the pace of implementation does not begin to increase in the near future, the decrease in the cost of imported products will continue until the end of this month.

Source: agronews.ua