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In Ukraine, prices for the purchase of corn began to rise

23.01.2023 12:11

In Ukraine, since the beginning of the new year, experts note that the price of corn has increased, this is due to a small number of offers and due to the fact that the demand for this crop abroad is increasing. However, these are not the only reasons for the increase in prices, an important factor is also the harvest that could not be harvested and the actual blocking of the «grain» corridor by Russia.

Currently, corn prices have risen to $207-209/ton, but due to the delay of ships, long queues have formed in the ports, and now some do not accept products at all.

In the middle of the month, more than 100 ships were waiting for inspection in the Bosphorus Strait, while the Russian side deliberately tries to delay the process, refusing to work after 15:00 and inspecting no more than 3 ships per day, if necessary at 10-15.

Over the past year, our country sent approximately 13.1 million tons abroad against the forecast of 20 million tons.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, 24 million tons of corn have been harvested from 3.7 million hectares, the current yield is 6.6 tons/ha and the products are of good quality. But, unfortunately, the warm winter in the country will not allow harvesting to continue in the near future.

Source: agravery.com