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Stores in Ukraine began to reduce the price of products

23.05.2023 13:54

Ukrainian chain stores this month began to slightly reduce prices on popular products, such as eggs, cereals and sugar. Thanks to the monitoring of experts from the biz.today.ua platform, it became known where you can find products with the currently lowest price.

Today, 1 kilogram of buckwheat in a store costs 52 hryvnias on average. For comparison, at the end of last month, the price started at UAH 55/kg. Experts also note that the cost of products will continue to decrease, as this year there was a good harvest. You can buy 1 kilogram cheaper now at «Metro» and «Auchan» for UAH 45. and 48 UAH. in accordance.

Since the beginning of 2023, the price of rice has fallen by 5.5% and currently the average price of 1 kilogram is UAH 81.6. The cost of parboiled rice will be approximately UAH 66/kg, while round rice costs approximately UAH 80/kg. Now the minimum prices can be found in «Varus» and «Metro».

The price of sugar, which currently costs UAH 33.5/kg, has also decreased. It is most profitable to buy it from Varus at UAH 32.8. for 1 kilogram.

Source: agronews.ua