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Dynamics of chicken prices in Ukraine: January - March 2024

21.03.2024 13:49

During the first quarter of 2024, the chicken meat market in Ukraine experienced a number of changes that led to price fluctuations. Since the beginning of the year, chicken prices have shown steady growth, reaching a peak in February. However, in March, a gradual decrease in prices was observed, which experts attribute to seasonal factors and an increase in supply on the market.

In January 2024, chicken prices in Ukraine began to rise. This was due to a number of factors, such as:

-Increasing feed prices, which caused an increase in the cost of chicken meat production.
-Decreasing the number of chickens due to an outbreak of bird flu in some regions of the country.
— Increase in demand for chicken from the population, which is associated with seasonal factors (New Year's holidays).

In February 2024, chicken prices reached their highest level in several years. The average price for a kilogram of chicken fillet was about 120 hryvnias.
This increase in prices negatively affected the purchasing power of the population, which led to a decrease in the demand for chicken.

In March 2024, chicken prices began to gradually decrease. This is due to:

— An increase in the supply of chicken meat on the market, which is caused by a seasonal factor (spring growth of the chicken population).
— A decrease in the demand for chicken from the population, which is connected with the beginning of Lent.

Experts predict that chicken prices in Ukraine will continue to remain unstable. Prices are expected to ease slightly over the next few months, but are unlikely to return to January 2024 levels.
Chicken prices will continue to be influenced by factors such as:

— The cost of fodder.
-Flock of chickens.
— Demand from the population.
— Epidemiological situation.

It is important to note that the dynamics of chicken prices may differ depending on the region of Ukraine.