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Created: 21 April 2022
Offer type: Sell 
Condition: New 
Country of origin: drop-down list 
For all questions please call +380 50 411 63 93 Natalia. Country of origin: Switzerland SpecialNeeds Feeder (SpecialNeeds Feeder) Designed for children with cleft palate, cleft lip and similar problems. Medela specialists have created a special bottle for feeding Medela Special Needs Feeder. The internal valve, located between the bottle and the nipple, prevents the baby from swallowing air, and the shape of the nipple provides comfortable sucking. If the baby sucks weakly, you can squeeze the nipple and thus increase the flow of milk. The baby will be able to receive breast milk, which best meets his needs. High-quality polypropylene, from which the bottle is made, does not transmit ultraviolet rays, does not chemically react with milk and is completely safe for the baby, as well as a silicone pacifier. Medela is located in Switzerland and has been producing products to help mothers provide the best food for their babies is breastfeeding. The company uses high-tech safe materials in its production.
Created: 21 April 2022
Was online 23 october 16:05
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Was online 23 october 16:05
No Reviews
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