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Created: 21 April 2022
Offer type: Sell 
Condition: New 
Country of origin: drop-down list 
For all questions please call +380 50 411 63 93 Natalia. Country of origin: Switzerland Soft spoon with dispenser Soft Cup feeder Medela, made in Switzerland for feeding babies with sucking problems, perfectly replaces the usual bottle. Main characteristics: The soft spoon is conveniently located on the lower lip of the baby, so that not a drop of milk is spilled during feeding. The use of a spoon ensures that the baby will not give up breastfeeding prematurely, as there is no nipple, which facilitates sucking movements. It is easy to control and regulate the amount of food eaten. When using a spoon, there is no possibility that the child may choke. Wash with warm soapy water. If necessary, it is processed by autoclaving. The valve diaphragm and the tank are made of silicone, the other parts are made of polypropylene.
Created: 21 April 2022
Was online 23 october 16:05
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Was online 23 october 16:05
No Reviews
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