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In Ukraine, the price of table beets has increased

18.01.2024 13:54

Currently, the price is already higher than during the same period last year and continues to rise gradually, analysts from the EastFruit platform report.

Analysts note that since the beginning of this week, Ukrainian farmers and producers began to gradually increase selling prices. Now the main reason for this growth is an increase in demand from buyers, and a worse harvest compared to last year.

Also, a large number of distributors at the moment have almost suspended the sale of this product, as they hope to sell it at a more favorable price in the future, and the sale will most likely start from the beginning of February.
Today, 1 kilogram of beets can be purchased for 13-16 hryvnias, which is about 35% more than last week.

Experts also note that as a result of such a sharp increase in cost, the price is now 75% higher than in 2023.

Source: agronews.ua