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Prices for pork and lard have changed in Ukraine

21.11.2022 12:46

Over the past few months, the price of the favorite Ukrainian product only increased, but at the beginning of November, it began to decrease. Homemade lard can now be purchased for UAH 190. per kg, last month the lowest price was UAH 200.

Salted lard, on the contrary, has slightly increased in price, but not at all significantly, within 5 UAH, 255 UAH in the past and 260 in the present per kilogram.

Brisket now costs UAH 158 per kg, in October its average price was UAH 171. The price of a shoulder blade also decreased by UAH 15 in November and now amounts to UAH 168. per kg. Oshyok was sold for UAH 214, now a kilogram costs UAH 190.

Podcherevok is now traded at UAH 161/kg, which is UAH 9 cheaper than in October. The price of ribs also fell to UAH 159, but meat for kebabs, on the contrary, became more expensive and now costs UAH 184/kg.

Source: agrotrend.com.ua