Is a milk crisis threatening Ukraine?

21.11.2022 12:51

Co-founder and project manager of American Dairy Technology, as well as a lecturer on dairy cattle breeding at several universities, including foreign ones, Ion Moraru spoke about the Ukrainian dairy industry in wartime conditions.

According to him, despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, the dairy industry has survived, continues to work, develops and even invests in future results.

Rejecting all the negativity in the information space, commercial pressure and focusing on the optimization of production processes in the dairy industry of Ukraine, there is every chance to remain a dairy country that will provide itself with raw milk for its own processing and needs, and export competitive, high-quality finished products.

«Even taking into account the lost and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, destroyed dairy production and large livestock losses, I am sure that there will be enough Ukrainian milk to meet domestic demand and, if we try, for export.» — stressed Moraru.