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Cheese from Poland can displace local products

20.11.2023 13:51

As experts from the Infagro platform predict, an increase in cheese production from Poland is expected in the near future, which may in turn cause an increase in competition, the main reason being the current pricing policy.

Since the beginning of this autumn, the production of our producers has already increased almost 2 times due to the increase in the cost of raw milk by 20%, but at the same time the price of cheese has increased by only 10%. Manufacturers are trying to put pressure on distributors to raise prices.

And at the moment, Polish products are much cheaper compared to ours, even despite the logistics costs. Analysts from the Infagro platform also note increased interest in imported cheeses.

For example, the amount of cheese imported from abroad last month increased by 10% compared to the beginning of September, and by almost 33% more than last year. Further growth of this indicator is expected this month.

Source: agronews.ua