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An increase in the prices of bread products is predicted

22.05.2023 13:57

In our country, the price of the main product on the tables of Ukrainians will increase slightly in the near future. Specialists from the scientific center «Institute of Agrarian Economics» note a 4% increase in the cost of bread since the beginning of the year.

Svitlana Cheremisina, who is an employee of this center, also reported how exactly the cost of bakery products changed this year:

-Wheat bread, which was made from high-grade flour, currently costs UAH 42/kg, which is almost 2% more than last year;

-Bread made from flour of 1 grade costs UAH 35/kg, which is 1.9% more expensive;

-Loaves can currently be purchased for UAH 71/kg, the difference is 2.3%;

-The price of rye bread is now UAH 36/kg, 1.6% more.

Due to the energy crisis in our country and the increase in the cost of fuel, experts predict that the cost of bread products will also increase, so by the end of 2023, the cost of wheat bread weighing 650 grams will reach 35 hryvnias, the price of 1 loaf will also increase and will reach 24-25 UAH

Source: agronews.ua