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Carrots in Ukraine have increased in price again

29.05.2023 13:52

Experts note that the value of quality carrots, which were harvested from the 2022 harvest, is increasing again, the EasyFruit platform reports.

Currently, just since the beginning of this week, the price of vegetables has increased by almost 13%, now Ukrainian farmers are ready to sell carrots for no less than 43-53 hryvnias per 1 kilogram, depending on the volume and quality of the products.

Analysts note that today the cost of vegetables in our country is almost three times higher than during the same period last year, this is explained by the fact that there is a rather limited amount of products left, despite the fact that interest in carrots is only growing. Due to this, those farmers and producers who still have products left can raise prices again.

Source: agronews.ua