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The amount of beef sent abroad increased by almost 60%

07.09.2023 14:03

In six months, the number of cattle slaughtered increased by approximately 7.95% and now this indicator is 106 thousand tons, according to data from the Association of Milk Producers.

Beef production companies produced 44.2%, and farmers and self-employed entrepreneurs produced 55.8% of the total amount.

Thus, the amount of beef that was produced at enterprises in the first half of 2023 increased by 28% compared to the same period in 2022 and currently amounts to 46.7 thousand tons, while the amount for the economic population, on the contrary, fell by 8%.

The main factor in the increase in the number of cattle slaughtered at enterprises can be called the increase in the amount of beef sent abroad since the beginning of this year. Currently, the demand for meat among our citizens is very limited due to reduced incomes and welfare, but due to recent problems with logistics, producers are still forced to focus on the domestic market.

It is more expensive to import this type of product from abroad, transiting through other countries, which in turn affects the final cost, especially now that Ukraine is trying to reduce the amount of imported beef. Already in the summer, the amount of imported chilled beef decreased by 50% and the amount of ice cream decreased by 95%.

Source: agravery.com