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Export of soybeans in Ukraine decreased by only 5%

22.09.2022 12:05

In 2021/2022, Ukraine sent almost 1.4 million tons of soybeans abroad, last season the figure was only 5% higher.

Soybean is the only oil crop whose shipment rates increased slightly every month and were higher than in the same period last year. So, for six months, starting from March, approximately 508,000 tons were shipped, which is 66% more than last season.

Turkey and the European Union are now the main importers of our soybeans, since the beginning of March, the EU has increased imports by 75%, and in a year by 35%. Turkey reduced this indicator at the beginning of the year, but began to actively purchase agricultural products starting in May.

In total, 540,000 tons were sent to Turkey, which is 2-3% less than in the previous season. But let's note that since March, exports have almost tripled.

Source: agravery.com