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Prices for vegetables in Ukraine: update for March 28, 2024

28.03.2024 13:50

Price change:

Borscht set: prices for cabbage, carrots and beets have decreased by 10-15% compared to February 2024. The average price for 1 kg of cabbage is UAH 15, carrots – UAH 12, beets – UAH 14.
Onions and garlic: onion prices remain relatively stable — about UAH 20/kg. The price of garlic decreased slightly — to UAH 30/kg.
Potatoes: the price of potatoes decreased by 5-10% compared to February. The average price for 1 kg is UAH 20.
Tomatoes and cucumbers: prices for greenhouse vegetables remain high — about UAH 80/kg for tomatoes and UAH 60/kg for cucumbers. It is expected that with the onset of the season, the prices of these vegetables will decrease significantly.
Greens: the prices of parsley, dill and green onions have decreased by 20-30% compared to February. The average price per bundle is UAH 10.

The main factors affecting the price:

-Seasonality: with the onset of spring, more fresh vegetables from the open ground appear on the market, which leads to lower prices.
-Proposal: increasing the volume of vegetable production by Ukrainian farmers also affects the reduction of prices.
-Demand: the war and the economic situation in the country led to a change in consumer preferences. People buy more affordable vegetables more often, which also affects price dynamics.

Experts predict that vegetable prices will continue to be volatile. Prices for seasonal vegetables are expected to decline over the next few months, while prices for greenhouse vegetables are expected to remain high.
The price of vegetables will continue to be affected by such factors as:
Seasonality, production volumes, demand from the population, economic situation in the country. It is important to note that the dynamics of vegetable prices may differ depending on the region of Ukraine.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in January 2024 the average price of borscht set (cabbage, carrots, beets) was UAH 50/kg, in February – UAH 55/kg, and in March – UAH 48/kg. The most expensive vegetables are greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers.
The most affordable vegetables are seasonal vegetables from the open ground.