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The price of sugar in Ukraine has fallen

07.11.2023 13:53

New prices for these products have already been formed this month. At the same time, in general, the price of some products fell, while the cost of others increased by only a few percent.

Analysts began to note a decrease in the cost of sugar in November. Last month, the lowest price on the shelves of our supermarkets started at 34.5 hryvnias for 1 kilogram of products, currently the price has dropped to 33.9 hryvnias. The highest price of sugar was recorded at the end of August and the beginning of September this year.

In the harvesting season, the price for 1 kilo started from 34.46 hryvnias. Now the average price is 33.95, the cheapest sugar can be purchased at the Varus store for 32.50, and in the Novus Metro and Auchan stores the price starts from 34 hryvnias.

Source: agronews.ua