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The price of flour has increased significantly

12.09.2023 13:54

Since the beginning of autumn in our country, the price of wheat flour has increased significantly. The cost is increasing in almost all regions of our country, experts from the APK-Inform platform report.

Analysts call the main factor of such a sharp increase in cost a small amount of raw materials that can now be purchased on the market, as well as an increase in the price of these raw materials.

Also, according to analytical data, high-grade flour can now be purchased for 10,000-11,600 hryvnias per ton, that is, 5-7% more than a week ago.

On the shelves of our stores, the price of flour also began to rise. Thus, according to data published by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, 1 kilogram of Khutorok flour can be purchased for 23 hryvnias, which is about 1 hryvnia more expensive than in August. In a package of 2 kilograms, the price has increased by almost 2 hryvnias.

Source: agronews.ua