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Panthenol-intensive foam 150 ml

Panthenol-intensive foam 150 ml

Created: 25 April
Offer type: Sell 
Capacity: 150 мл (м3)
Availability: In stock 
Country of origin: Ukraine 
Body foam from Green Pharm helps to restore your skin after tanning and find wonderful peace. Properties: The active ingredients soothe the skin after sunbathing, helping to eliminate irritation after burns. Replenishes the lack of pantothenic acid, the absence of which causes inflammation. Accelerates regeneration processes and helps prevent traces at the site of burns. Helps in the treatment of household burns, trophic ulcers, abrasions and wounds. Ingredients: Dexpanthenol (6.5%), plantapon PSC, phenonipe, water. How to use: Apply to damaged skin 3-4 times a day, pre-treating the skin with antiseptic.
Created: 25 April
Was online 22 november 17:07
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Was online 22 november 17:07
No Reviews