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Bactericidal zoneless lamp EUROLAMP

Bactericidal zoneless lamp EUROLAMP

Created: 26 April 2022
Offer type: Sell 
Capacity: - (м3)
Type of company activity: Manufacture 
Availability: In stock 
Country of origin: Germany 
Lamps are indispensable assistants for high-quality sanitation of air and surfaces in living rooms, which is especially important during epidemics of respiratory and viral diseases. The air in the room, all furniture and objects in it are exposed to ultraviolet light. Microbes and bacteria, as well as pathogenic viruses are destroyed, the air becomes safe for the occupants of the house. Advantages • Reliable cleaning and disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms up to 55 m2; • Convenient use with automatic shutdown; • Modern design; • Service life of 8000 hours that guarantees long term of serviceable work at a guarantee of 2 years from the producer; • Easy choice of operating mode due to remote control and setting the lamp operating time and its completion at any time on the control panel Price - UAH 799.00
Created: 26 April 2022
Was online 27 april 2022 11:10
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Was online 27 april 2022 11:10
No Reviews