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In Ukraine, the price of vegetables rose sharply again

30.01.2024 13:56

In our country, the cost of the most popular vegetables has increased again, for example, 1 kilogram of potatoes can now be purchased for 35 hryvnias, and a kilogram of onions costs 140 hryvnias, analysts from the today.ua platform report.

To date, the average price of potatoes on the shelves of our supermarkets has reached 35 hryvnias, it should also be noted that a month ago the price was 10 hryvnias less. This positive price dynamics is explained by the increase in the purchase price to 20-25 hryvnias. If you compare the price for the same period last year, it has increased almost 4 times.

This situation with the price is also explained by a rather poor harvest this year, that is, at the moment, product stocks are quite limited and the price will only increase in the future.

Also, the price of white onions has increased to the maximum, which now costs 140 hryvnias for 1 kilogram, compared to 50 hryvnias last year. The price of spring onion did not increase significantly by an average of 2 hryvnias, now it can be purchased for 15-16 hryvnias.

Source: agronews.ua