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Created: 9 June 2022
Offer type: Sell 
Weight: 1 кг (kg)
Type of company activity: Manufacture 
Providing of logistic: Delivery partner, Don’t have a possibility 
Availability: In stock 
Country of origin: Ukraine 
Processing Time: 2-3 дні days
Universal dehumidifier with disinfectant properties in animal husbandry based on mineral components and essential oils, which has high absorption capacity. Works against fungal diseases, stabilizes body temperature and increases the viability of newborn animals, improves the indoor climate, absorbing ammonia and has a calming effect on animals. The product effectively absorbs moisture and is used for quick drying of newborn piglets and calves, stabilizes body temperature and increases the viability of animals. Due to the absorbent properties of the drug allows you to prevent the development of microorganisms in humid places. Clinodray has a wound-healing effect, bactericidal and fungicidal action due to the optimally selected component composition. Copper sulphate provides protection against fungal diseases. The essential oils that are part of the tool have a calming effect on animals. Due to the bacteriostatic effect of essential oils, the risk of infection of animals with streptococci is reduced. They also have repellent properties - scare away adult insects and destroy fly larvae. The use of the tool reduces the problems associated with injuries on slippery surfaces. COMPOSITION copper sulfate, calcium sulfate, essential oils. APPLICATION Clinodray is used in the presence of animals and is completely safe for both humans and animals, as the drug contains mineral sorbents and natural ingredients. The drug is used for drying litter for all species of animals (pigs, cattle, cattle, all kinds of birds, horses, fur animals, small pets). Immerse newborn piglets in a container filled with the product. Sows and cows: floor treatment before fertilization and transfer to a farrowing or calving box. Processing of diaries, as well as places of rest for animals. All other animals: finishing floors, cages, enclosures, garages, latrine pits, as well as other surfaces or areas where a large number of animals. The product does not contain skin irritants or substances harmful to the environment. DOSAGE: The tool is used by uniformly sprinkling the drug on the surface of the disinfectant at a rate of 50-100g / m² 1 time per week.
Created: 9 June 2022
Was online 23 november 2022 15:59
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Was online 23 november 2022 15:59
No Reviews